Teza Sawmill & Hardware

Created in Property Photography on Monday, 06 May 2019
This was a gratifying project to work on alongside the owners, Rusty and Di. The owners wanted to expand and create an online presence for their businesses in the area, and a new website was setup to showcase all the various entities. The clients also had many additional ISP related email accounts and felt it difficult to keep on top of each one, so it was decided to create a new domain email and forward all old email accounts to one, to ensure the owners do not miss out on vital emails crucial to the running of their businesses.

Other than creating an eye-catching website, the premises lent itself to some interesting photographic shots captured, and these are displayed on their website.

Finally, along with the assistance of my chosen local graphic designer, a new brand identity was created and this was mirrored across into custom designed email signatures for all staff.

Please take a look at the Teza Sawmill & Hardware website here.